Sunday, 22 March 2015

It can happen - Yes

Lyric:- You can fool yourself, there's a crazy world outside, you can bring your soul alive - Anderson, Rabin & Squire

Song Choice:- I love the 1983 Yes Album 90125. I listened to it today as I cracked in yet another high mileage day. The lyrics speak volumes to me as well as to you the reader as I believe ANYTHING can happen if you want it to.

The only thing is that we put limitations on our beliefs based on previous experience that slowly numb our aspirations. Eventually this downward spiral of ordinariness makes the world very well, ordinary and before we know it life becomes a treadmill of low achievment.

No wonder so many people subscribe to a Mid-Life Crisis. I remember mine at 31 and it was more like of a  '3, 2, 1 You're back in the Room' experience if I'm being honest and I'd be interested to know if you've had or are having the same feelings.

It sort of creeps up on you and you'll find yourself speaking and thinking a completely different language to those around you, feeling lost and in need of some time out to reconsider nearly everything you do.

Don't worry though as I believe it happens to everyone, more than once. If you are thinking about running the Marathon des Sables or buying a Sports Car then you are there already!

More tomorrow...There's a Car-Azy World out there...

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