Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun

Before and After Gahan
Lyric:- 'Set upon weary feet' - Gore

Song Choice:- One of the Essex Boys best offerings and I've always loved a bit of Depeche Magic - especially in the Vince Clark (he of the Erasure Keyboards), early days of the band.

It does underline my thought of the day that everything goes through a process of change. 

A lot of change if you check out the above picture as in the case of Depeche Mode, Singer Dave Gahan he went from being a super cool looking, squeaky clean kind of chap to become addicted to heroin and reputably cheat death no less than four times and look like death itself.

Funnily enough his life experience improved the tunes and if you listen to the 1997 album, aptly titled ULTRA or watch the video you'll see what I mean. Luckily Gahan survived and will be 53 in May.

Life's a journey and it's easy to take the wrong path and waste time trying to find your direction again. Makes you think eh? 

Finding out who you are is really important and I'm not saying it has to be as drastic as Gahan but it's worth a thought.

Have you got weary feet?

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