Sunday, 16 August 2015

Changes - Yes

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I could have added more numbers to my signature this weekend but to tell you the truth, I'm a bit knackered post two heavy weeks of running. Add to this, I'm already feeling the drag of Autumn and it's darkening colder nights snapping at my heels.

Well, never one to completely hibernate I dusted off the pushbike (and I mean dusted) pumped the tires to 60psi and hit the streets of Cardiff.

Actually I hit more bumps than anything else. Tell me, is there a flat piece of Tarmac in the city centre without a pothole or massive sleeping policeman in it? I did go along the Taff Trail but the other people on bikes have no 'keep on the left' sense and just ride hap hazardously as do the pedestrians whom were completely blind (or blind drunk in some cases) to a 80kg man on a bike heading their way.

The other thing I noticed, even through a gel saddle, is just how much ones undercarriage gets battered in such a short time. No wonder those Tour de France riders are all a bit falsetto!

My hands were shattered to from the vibrations up through the handlebars.

This bike lark is harder than you think...I'm going to have another go tomorrow backside willing and will keep you posted of my progress.

At least I'm having a go and actually, I'm not a bad cyclist at all. Who says I'm stuck in a rut eh?

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