Thursday, 27 August 2015

In Your Eyes (Secret World Live Version) - Peter Gabriel

Bank Holiday Cardiff
Lyric:- 'So much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away' - Sir Peter of Gabriel

Song Choice:- I loved this song on his 'So' album but ot's actually better live on the Secret World Album Here all 9.58 minutes of it.

Anyway, coming up to the August Bank Holiday Weekend I thought I'd take a familiar look at time...something I'm always preoccupied with, even more as I get older. It's traditionally a washout and it always marks the end of Summer for me - even though it doesn't seem two minutes ago that the leaves were appearing on the trees and the warm sunny days of Spring looked to beckon in a long hot Summer for us all to enjoy for once...

Well of course it never happened but I was thinking back to last August Bank Holiday and what had changed since then. I was in Ireland at the time on an MdS Training weekend and throughout September and October trained hard for the Beachy Head Marathon and plugged in a PB for the course on that one before a long winter of training before son Jack was born in February and the world changed from there on in. An MdS with Sir Ranulph and a further soggy summer of running in the puddles and here we are looking into another September and October.

The thing is, I've done a lot in the 12 months, some 63 marathons and an MdS with Sir Ranulph, but what have I actually DONE, what have I acheived and what have I changed about myself and my world during that 365 day period. I know I'm getting more out of my days - certainly more hours awake has helped that one but in the back of my mind, I'm building towards a big year in 2016 and that's what's driving me on right now.

A lot of it comes down to getting things straight. In your mind that is...Lining up your dominoes and weeding out the things that waste valuable time and energies and deflect thoughts away from what we REALLY need to do it make things happen.

Is it happening for you right now...what have you got to do that you are putting off?

Only YOU'LL know as it's your world and you see it with YOUR EYES...

More tomorrow...

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