Friday, 14 August 2015

Sheep - Pink Floyd

Lyric:- What do you get for pretending the danger's not real - Waters

Answer:- You get into a load of trouble, that's what. There have been so many stories this week of people getting into really dangerous situations when they could easily be avoided. I've personally seen folk cut off by the tide, children of 6-8 years playing unsupervised in a river in Ely (Cardiff) and umpteen young children in the front seats of cars ready to garotted by a seat belt or seatbeltless ready to hit the windscreen.

What the f*ck is going on...Ohhhh it's Summer Holidays! Yes, the time when people's brains turn to Jam and can only wish away the days until their little loved ones go back to the daily penitentiary of school life.

Now I'm not one to talk as I'm surprised I've made 53 with my life history or perhaps I've got here as I'm quite streetwise and am actually tuned into looking after myself and my loved ones.

Obviously my lifestyle comes with hazard just like the next man's but I do offer myself some duty of care and wouldn't engage say running 4 x 100 milers in a year like some. Well I could but I wouldn't be able to do much else and it would take me twelve months to get over the process.

So why do some folk reckon they can and do...

The danger's real, it's out there and maybe a running seat belt or life jacket might be in order for those of you who are in danger of getting cut off by the tide of ULTRA-running.

Happy Swimming Folks...

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