Friday, 21 August 2015

Uninvited - Freemasons

Lyric:- 'Like any uncharted territory' - Morissette

Song Choice:- I listened to this on both of my runs today and it reminded me of warm and happy times working at the Fitness First Gym in Derby where I started off my Personal Training, Coaching and Mentoring Career. How many times did I hear it during the years I was there? Well I'm sure it was Thousands!

Hearing it again and listening to it closely rather than passively above the hustle and bustle of a busy gym was extremely satisfying and it got me thinking about what we invite, don't invite and what comes from those invitations we put out there for ourselves and out there to others.

It's within our nature to send out invitations each and every day of our lives. I'm no stranger to it, I send out electronic invitations for all of my coaching appointments and it's a well worked system that 99% of folk understand. I also send out invitations with my actions to others. It might be in a positive gesture or even a smile in the street to a stranger. We are inviting friendship and sending out signals to others that we are a non-threat. It's second nature and I bet you don't even notice you are doing it...I look out for invitations when I meet folk and again, a lot of the time folk don't even know that I've seen their invite and have acted on it. As I'm getting older, it's getting easier.

Now what if you think about the things you don't invite into your life, you would of course include Injury, Accident, Illness etc. but how about depression or negativity? A lot of folk suffer with both and wouldn't have invited both in, but somehow they just came along and managed to worm their way in.

I've invited loads of people and things into my life and have enjoyed on the whole how they've played out. It's been a more of a positive than negative experience if I'm being honest and it's worked more times than it hasn't. I've put a lot of faith into a lot of folk and I'm really interested to see if they stand up to the challenge or they cop out fearing their uncharted territory ahead.

What do you think, are you invited?

More tomorrow.

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