Sunday, 2 August 2015

Beat it - Michael Jackson

Lyric:- 'You're playin' with your life' - Jackson

Song Choice:- I was watching a Jacko Documentary yesterday and this song really stood out to me. It has one fo the most memorable guitar solos and it's from the wonderful Thriller Album now some 32 years old.

The above line sadly played out for Jackson and it's one we all need to take on board. I was asked yesterday by one of my MdS Clients if my knees were shot or if my hips were worn was a fair question and I gave a really honest (and it is really, really honest I can assure you) answer that my body is still in great shape considering the 916 marathons and hundreds of thousands of miles I've run over the last 22 years.

OK, 'I'm playin' with my life' but then we ALL are. Life IS a ticking time-bomb especially as we do some crazy one-off things that endanger it in a moment with dramatic effect and we top that up that danger with the do-it-now-and-pay-later lifestyle of diet and sedentary lifestyle. Add in Alcohol, Cigarettes and Modern Day Living it's no wonder that some folk don't make my comparatively young age of 53.

The thing is, I don't think folk take this on board and I wonder how long it will be before people wake up to the fact that modern day life is corroding our lives quicker than we might think. 

We just hope it won't. Jackson goes on to ask 'How strong our fight is'...

I wonder what your answer to him might be?

More tomorrow...

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