Saturday, 8 August 2015

Listening Wind - Talking Heads

Lyric:- Drive them away - Byrne

Song Choice:- 1980 classic just right for today's topic of NOT listening.

I'd love to know why folk, when knowing someone is dieting, coming off cigarettes or quitting alcohol they bait-post on Facebook that they are doing all three - it really pisses me off.

It's hard enough without these people adding their negativity into the mix.

The thing is, if my people can get their lives in gear they can enjoy a 42.2km run on a warm and wonderful sunny day in Wales, injury free just loving life.

So leave them alone PLEASE!
Rory Coleman - 919 Marathons - 235 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.

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