Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Summer Son - Texas

Lyric:- Tired of telling it your way...

Song Choice:- A great Summer Song played and sung beautifully with a warm and rich voice of the very under-rated Sharleen Spiteri.

I like the 'Tired' reference as I think a lot of folk get very tired at this time of year.

Late summer sun, corn-cutting and nights starting to draw in herald the dark times of winter to me. It has so much effect on our mood, mine included.

Combined with other people pulling our strings and life soon becomes a very depressing existence. It's one lots of folk experience and endure for days, weeks and years of their lives.

Equating your lifetime to seasons, I'm in late Summer myself and I'm going to enjoy it's warm rays for as long as I can...before an extra hot Indian Summer and Autumn.

Has your Winter come early?

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