Wednesday, 5 August 2015

ELO - Wild West Hero

Lyric:- 'I wish I was' - Lynne

Song Choice:- Well, the subject of music cropped up on a 42.2km run in the sand down at Merthyr Mawr today with one of my MdS Clients and the delights of the 'Out of the Blue', ELO Album were exchanged. It was a huge album back in 1978 (which drove me a bit potty at the time) but with time I've got to quite like.

Anyway the rather pompous and melodramatic Wild West Hero is probably my pick especially as it has the 'I wish I was' line.

I hear it over and over and over again...every day.

'I wish I was' more assertive, motivated, dedicated, stronger, resilient, thinner, fitter' etc. (You could insert your own word here) or 'I wish I was' on holiday, in a different job etc. Yet there's no action being undertaken to make the 'Wish' come true.

Funny thing is, 'Wishes' can and do come true to those that REALLY want them to. What we tend to do is just keep on wishing, hoping by some kind of miracle or good fortune that your 'Wish' will crystallise.

Luckily your 'I Wish' Lottery of Life ticket has better odds that the normal Lottery one which only seems to bring misery and a new set of problems. So the next time you say 'I wish', instead of dreaming on do something about it as you can make it happen.

The only person stopping it is YOU.

More tomorrow.

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