Thursday, 13 August 2015

Here's where the story ends - Tin Tin Out

Lyric:- People I see, weary of me, showing their good side.

Song Choice:- From 1998? Yikes! Where did that go...Anyway I love the line above and it leads me into my blog for today about cutting through life's cr4p.

It's been one of those weeks you see. One where so many folk have been in touch for one reason or another but it feels like I've been sold to on occasions. The thing is I don't need to know that you are a 40 year old accountant or that you are a sub-13hr Ironman (groan) or whatever. What I need is to be able to cut quickly through the bravado and connect with the real PERSON. The real YOU.

'Cos that's when my training methods really work and when things would really start to happen for YOU.

We all have a few warts, shortcomings and things we don't like doing. We also have areas where we can be pushed and we KNOW we could improve if we really tried. 

Luckily for me most of my clients quickly drop their guard and let me in to rearrange their furniture and repackage their fitness regimes.

They say a Leopard can't change it's spots...Well maybe they can if they don't show me their good side, I need to know the sh1t side too. 

Life's far better when people know where they stand. When you get to 53, you'll know what I mean.

More tomorrow...

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