Monday, 3 August 2015

Revolution - The Cult

Lyric:- Joy or Sorrow, what does Revolution mean to you?

Song Choice:- A great song from The Cult's 1985 album 'Love'...I remember it so fondly as I was just taking my first steps into the heady world of print and we played this album to death. Still sounding fresh some 30+ years on I loved hearing it again today.

The Revolution part rings so true for me as I come into contact with so many people experiencing a 'Personal Revolution' of one kind or another. The Joy or Sorrow part possibly describing the type of Revolution being experienced perhaps...

Maybe we don't Revolutionise ourselves because it's too frightening and being scared makes our opportunity of radical change virtually zero. Now I do get it that not everyone wants to change BUT the majority of folk I meet DO. They just need a Revolutionist... 

The Cult go on to sing 'To say today's like wishing in the wind', is SO right. We can talk about it forever but sometimes a good shake up can make it happen for you. Listen here.

It's time for a Revolution Folks - and Time for Action.

Your Action.

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