Friday, 9 October 2015

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Lyric:- 'I've got this bird's eye view' - Devoto

Song Choice - From the brilliant 1978 album 'Real Life' released in June of that year smack bang in the middle of my 'O' levels (yep the exams just like GCSE's but 10x harder back then.

I chose the song as one of my old school mates had posted a photo of the school cricket team with me in it looking VERY young from a long weekend where I took a couple of exams, went to my first live gig at Knebworth, watched the World Cup Football Final and discovered beer.

Now I'm not sure if it was an introduction to 'Real Life' in 1978 and thinking about it, well of course it wasn't - It was however the start of a wide-eyed young man's transition from child to adulthood.

That process has taken what seems to be a lifetime since then with a lot of water flowing under that old bridge of mine. It hasn't necessarily made me a better person but it has given me a bucket load of experience, both good and bad across a wide range of life situations and subjects.

Now,  I'm not sure whether you'll get what I'm saying next or even if I can convey my thoughts to you or even if those thoughts have been correctly formulated but on the majority of things I feel I've achieved clarity...What I mean is that some things are REALLY clear when maybe they didn't used to be. A lot of life's BS seems to have disappeared recently and sometimes it feels like I'm alone in seeing things for what they really are. Some might say that I'm really direct or might come across as 'my way or the highway' but I'm not really - I just see things as they really are.

Does that sound bonkers? For instance, when I started running and making a complete life-change in 1994, everyone I knew thought I'd lost the plot - 20 years on it seems everyone wants to run an ultra-adventure, clean up their act and be the person they've always aspired to be.

It's Crystal Clear to me...It's the art of sticking out, the ability to change and not reinvent the wheel . It makes for a more simplistic life that I'm keen to develop and share with those I meet.

If you think I'm speaking a foreign language please let me know - if it all sounds familiar and like me you are nailing jelly to the wall sometimes trying to explain to folk just how easy it can be to turn your life around, please let me know. I

It would be great to meet a kindred spirit and to know I'm not alone in my funny old world where I live...

More tomorrow :-)

Rory Coleman - 933 Marathons - 235 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.

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  1. Hi Rory
    I first heard your name over the loudspeaker at the 2012 MDS (which I finished!) and have followed your journey with interest. I am a few years older than you and have also ran marathons/half marathons/MDS and this year completed the 'Fandance Race' in the Brecon Beacons. I have started training as a level 2 REPS Fitness Instructor and hope to go on to complete the level 3 REPS PT. I believe age is simply a number and although aches and pains appear as you get older its no excuse-'use it or lose it' as they say! I, like you, have faith, and that I will see my 90's (at least!) and hope to be an inspiration to others along the way. I doubt I will achieve your levels but I hope I can help others to see that all it really takes is commitment.