Tuesday, 6 October 2015

No Way Out - The Tubes

Lyric:- 'Feels like I'm glued to my seat, I try to crawl through the door, Feels like I'm nailed to the floor - Spooner/Steen/Prince/Welnick/Cotten/Anderson/Waybill/Styles

Song Choice:- From the amazing Tubes who were THE band to go and see in 1978-9, which I did as a wide eyed 17 year old (very wide eyed indeed) as they were 'tied for the number live band in the world' if you have the album. Anyway, if you listen in for yourself here - you'll see hear what I mean and I'll know what you'll say about it sounding dated but try and remember the world back then. A transistorised simple pre-computer world - I mean it was all shoulder-pads and just look at the TV we sat for hours goggle-boxing - Blankety Blank, The Paul Daniels Magic Show & Terry and June no wonder The Tubes were such an eye-opener. 

Just shows you how times and things and opinions can change in just a generation.

Then again, it doesn't necessarily take a generation to change, we ARE the change and it can take just a moment to do so WE are the only ones who can alter OUR opinion and OUR outlook on the world we live in...and for GOOD if we want to.

As a facilitator of this change for many of my clients - it's amazing how many people I meet SAY they want to change their life, run faster, cross deserts, stop drinking, lose weight etc. but at the moment they need to jump lose their nerve and make conundrums of excuses about why they can't take the leap of faith that will take them to a better life and lifestyle.

Yep, it's scary but actually it's liberating - take it from someone who is liberated and can be your liberator.

It's the toughest part of my job and the hardest part to take sometimes as it's those folk that I enjoy coaching the most. Some might say that I'm intimidating, I'm not, I've just done a bit of running and thrown everything I've got into making the most of out of my time on this planet, well I hope so anyway and want to keep doing so for as long as I can.

I feel it's very positive thing in what can be a very negative and depressing world.

Look, if you think the same and are reading this and want to change your world and have been thinking about it but making excuses, then maybe it's time to 'Struggle out of your Trance' as The Tubes put it...

You never know, you might enjoy the ride...

Pick up the phone or drop me an email - what's there to lose...

More tomorrow.

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