Saturday, 24 October 2015

Patience - Take That

Lyric:- 'I'm feeling your frustration' - Barlow, Donald, Orange & Owen

Song Choice:- I've always had a soft spot for the TT Boys and Gary Barlow has a simply amazing voice I believe and is possibly one of the greatest singer/songwriters we've ever produced in the UK. Amongst all the folk I could choose, he'd definitely be a member of my Fantasy Marathon des Sables Tent, so there's an accolade eh? 

Anyway, back on planet earth, and the subject of today's Blog...Patience and my second ballad in two days.

My role in life is very to take folk from A and take them to B trying to reduce the T (for Time) in the middle. Sometimes it's a really easy process and my clients are completely physically bomb-proof and do exactly what it says on the side of my 'Tin of Training'.

Sometimes, it isn't though and that's when 'Patience' plays it's vital role in anyone's training. I treat time off with injury or illness as a blessing and although I feel the same frustration as my clients - it's a time for planning and work on other parts of the training that might have been overlooked or neglected.

Everyone will go through this process many times myself included and there have been times each year where I have a complete rest and enjoy a couple of weeks off for recovery and let myself relax from the constant overloading I expect it to handle and take time out to reset my horizons and enjoy falling in love with running all over again.

Gary goes on to sing 'So while I'm still healing, Just try and have a little patience' and this is probably good advice for your nearest and dearest to allow you some space and time to come to grips with the frustration felt when the exercise carrot is snatched away.

If this is where YOU are right now - You'll get to B, you'll get there quicker of you are 'Patient'...

Enjoy your time off...I did today with a lovely walk in Bute Park, Cardiff in the Autumn Rain. I gave myself some well deserved healing...cheers Gary.

More tomorrow.

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