Thursday, 29 October 2015

Suicide Solution - Ozzy Osbourne

Lyric:- Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker, suicide is slow with liquor. Take a bottle and drown your sorrows, then it floods away tomorrows - Daisley, Osbourne & Rhodes

Song Choice:- Just how dark can this blog get you ask?... Well the subject of depression and alcohol in the guise of 'The Spirit of Suicide' surfaced with one of my clients this morning. It's something that affects a large proportion of people in the UK and running can become therapy and provide help and a solution for these folk and play a positive part of their recovery... I know from personal experience that it works - it did for me.

You see the brain is a very powerful thing. It's help us cure major diseases, been the mother of all invention, taken Man to the Moon and currently has 20% of the UK's Adult population suffering from depression or anxiety. Our levels of Serotonin have a lot to answer for...

If you do some internet cruising on the subject you'll be amazed and frightened at just how much our Serotonin affects a lot of our bodies functions as well as the old Grey Matter.

Now, I'm not a physician or a clinical-psychologist but I do know that a happier person is, the better they perform. Then magically, the better they perform the happier they become. It's a wonderful self-help philosophical circle of life. Add in a regular injection of 'Confidence' and you are on to a Winning Formula.

I found a real winner today and I believe she can go on and defeat 'The Spirit of Suicide' in the folk that she meets on her next life-chapter.

She'll need to be strong and rise above the demon's out there ready to attack her Seratonin and kill off her desire to change. I'm going to do everything I can to make this happen for her and hopefully we can draw strength from Ozzy's lyrics and rise above the 'White Noise of Life' that will stop us 'Shaping her Future'.

More tomorrow...and a bit less Dark!

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