Thursday, 1 October 2015

99 Red Balloons - Nena

Lyric:- 'Everyone's a Superhero, Everyone's a Captain Kirk'

Song Choice:- It drove me mad back in 1999 but it's a song about 'balloons' which has been the subject of many a chat with clients and associates during the past couple of days.

Why the balloons? Well it's a good analogy for lots of folk as they train, achieve and then get downhearted as something unexpected comes along and bursts their training balloon.

It really has cropped up a lot over the last few days...It becomes prevalent in the days leading up to major races as folk question their training investment and against their predicted finishing time.

The magic word of course is 'Confidence' and we are told that 'Success' breeds it...only it seems a bit of a Chicken and Egg situation if you think about it and what really breeds 'Success' in my opinion is 'Self-Esteem'.

I spend a lot of my time doing just that for other people. It leads to some strange concepts and today I've even asked one of my clients to race clean shaven to sharpen up his Cardiff Half as HIS 'Self-Esteem' doesn't match MY thoughts about him.

He's far a far better runner than he thinks and a really lovely person too with some wonderful personal qualities. Having already moved mountains in 8 weeks, hopefully a successful race will only inflate his balloon more and inflate his self-esteem to the correct pressure and not pop his 'Confidence'.

How's your Balloon?

Still puffing away trying to inflate it, or does it burst as soon as something starts going right for once!

More tomorrow...

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