Friday, 30 October 2015

The Living Daylights - Aha

Lyric:- 'Save the darkness, let it never fade away' - Barry, Waaktaar

Song Choice:- Well there's a lot of 007 going on right now with the new Spectre Movie and although The Living Daylights and Timothy Dalton were the probably the worst Bond combination, the film's theme song is one of the best, thanks to the brilliant Aha - It's also the first 'Daylight' titled tune that came to mind and it seemed to fit my mood for today's Rory-Blog perfectly. So here goes...

You see, I felling it today and you can 'Save the Darkness' as I'm actually looking for more daylight. I'm not sure but I believe I'm feeling the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly known as SAD...

I'm not feeling all the effects associated with it and it's easy to blame things and invent feelings to fit those listed on certain websites about the condition. All I do know is that I need a bit more fresh air and need some nice warm sunlight on my skin as I've spent most of the last week inside in the gym and I'm missing my daily fix of Vitamin D.

No wonder I love the Marathon des Sables and the massive 'Solar Overdose' the race delivers...shame April's such a long time away right now.

The clocks going back doesn't help and the sun rarely appeared today in Cardiff and when it did, it was quite low in the sky. How I'd ever cope with a trip to the Arctic or Antarctic Winter and endless weeks of darkness, I can't imagine. It makes me wonder as a Welsh Gloomy Friday is enough to cope with.

Hopefully, 26.2 miles of Merthyr Mawr sand, wind and rain on Sunday will knock some 'Living Daylights' INTO me. Not many folk would say that Merthyr Mawr is '00Heaven' but the Sun will shine for me no matter what happens.

Hopefully the Sun will Shines on you too...

So have a great weekend and don't get SAD folks, get SAND, it will really cheer you up, if like me you need some Sunshine and Fresh Air.

More later...

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