Thursday, 15 October 2015

Start! - The Jam

Lyric:- 'And what you give is what you get' - Weller

Song Choice:- What else could I choose at the Start of another #Average2Awesome Day, this time with Smeg UK, you know the company that supplies high quality domestic appliances?

Eleven of them have stepped up to the mark and are now boldly starting their eight week journey of fitness with us leading up to a unique challenge on 9th December.

To say I was excited was an understatement and I love the first day of an #A2A as I've a great idea of what's in store and hopefully what they'll achieve working together as a group.

It made me think back to my own journey to wellness and fitness all those years ago and I could relate to everyone there today. Knowing how much the process changed my life back then and how much it has influenced my life over the past 22 years, I can only hope it can happen for these guys over the weeks ahead.

Starting the process with us today, saying they want to change and achieve more and live a happier, healthy lifestyle is the hardest part. Doing this in front of your colleagues takes balls but sharing your journey with others you know helps no end and it's going to be amazing to see how this first Smeg UK group grow and work as a team.

They already showed great support for each other and there's definitely a friendly banter and respect for each other that will help to get them through.

Watch this space and we'll keep you posted on their progress.

Well done People - some Awesome achievements today.

Remember - 'What you give is what you get' :-) 

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