Friday, 23 October 2015

Hello - Adele

Lyric:- 'At least I can say that I've tried' - Adkins

Song Choice:- Now I'm not the biggest fan of Adele, as I've only heard her '007 Skyfall' and have never listened to her 16 times platinum in the UK and fourth best-selling album in the UK of all time - 21. How not down with the kids can one get?

Anyway, this morning I heard the pre-release of the above 'Hello' track on BBC Breakfast and instantly knew it would be amazing just from a few moments of a preview of the video.

Quality, and this song has it in spades, comes from working hard, realising your strengths and weaknesses and investing time, energy and in the case of the video, budget.

I'm going to go back to 2011 to revisit Adele's back catalogue and see what 50 million other folk have seen in the remarkable 27 year old singing sensation from Tottenham and buy the album. I'm not sure it will be my kind of album but 'At least I can say that I've tried'.

It will make a great relaxing end to a busy week in the world of Coleman Coaching. Hopefully those of you that have been busy with us will do so so and come out fighting on Monday, especially our #SmegA2A people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle.

I'm running at the Bristol and Bath Marathon and if you are there and see me please say 'Hello'.

More tomorrow...

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