Thursday, 22 October 2015

Wire - U2 (Kevorkian 12" Vocal Remix)

Lyric: - Is this the time, the time to win or lose. Is this the time, the time to choose? - Clayton, Evans, Hewson & Mullen.

Song Choice:- This is THE track that got me into the 'Oirish Fab Four' in the late 80's even though I'd seen them for 30p back in '81. If you've never heard this song from the 1983 'Unforgettable Fire' Album, have a listen for yourself here and see what you think. I think it's one of their best.

Apart from the amazing guitar work from the Edge and brilliant almost disco Clayton bass, the lyrics are very evocative. 'The line, The Time to Choose' is the one that resonates with me.

You see for me, Life is all about 'Choice'...We make a million of them every day of our lives. Some of them in an instant, lots of them sub-consciously...and some of them with a lot more consideration. Men are worse than women (I know) and a lot of the time we make cavalier-like decisions based on gut instinct about our careers, where to live, what to do with our lives  but take months choosing Hi-Fi, Cars and Golf Clubs. 

Women are far more choosy!

Maybe it's more about 'Options' than choice...I first went into a Starbucks back in 1999 in Chicago and asked for a Coffee. Big mistake as there were a million combinations even down to the colour of the cup! The 'Would you like a Cake with your Coffee?' question they ask only prolongs the whole darn process...

What we are more frightened of in my opinion is making the Wrong Choice. On a plane the in flight food is Chicken or Lamb. In a restaurant, well, it becomes a nightmare for the more indecisive of you, mainly because of being frightened of making the wrong choice. Funnily enough Chicken or Beef is the best option there too.

The thing is Life's more complicated than Chicken or can be though if you are a bit more 'Black and White' about things and then stick to the decisions you've made. If you are going to be more active, then get out there and get moving. If you want to clean up your life...for heavens sake stick to it. The action, I believe, is a lot easier than making the choice.

If you've always wanted to do something, loved someone or wanted to quit a lifestyle habit, then do it, tell 'em and stop it.

You'll be glad you made the right choice.

Bono sings 'Is this the time, the time to Win or Lose? And it's a simple choice, very Chicken or Lamb.

More tomorrow folks...

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