Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Step On - The Happy Mondays

Lyric:- Gonna stamp out your fire - Kongos & Demetroiu

Song Choice:- Simple, the best song with 'Step' in but alarmingly written back in 1971 and not in 1990 by the 'Ryder-Crew'. First song ever to feature a sample according to Wiki, so these are the guys to blame for our more modern popular musical offerings.

Anyway, on to the theme of today's blog - Steps...

The first steps on any journey are always the easiest. Plucking up the courage to take them is another story but in those first few strides of any adventure, the feeling of liberation can sometimes feel completely overwhelming.

Getting going and making the tiniest of inroads on any challenge can make the hardest mother of a thing feel a lot less intimidating and proper planning always makes things a whole lot better, I've found.

I thought long and hard about my first run of just 100 steps back in January 1994. I did the same for my longest run of 145 miles from Birmingham to London in 1998 Grand Union Canal Race. Both runs were my Everest's at the time. Both felt more achievable after each step I took and both gave me immense satisfaction and hope for the future.

Hope that I could go on and achieve whatever I put my body and mind to and I would like to say that I've ticked a lot off my life-bucket list over the years. Taking off my life-blinkers was the best thing I ever did and what I'm constantly now trying to maintain. Stopping drinking and going for a jog was all it took to get things manageable again, when life felt so very much out of control.

It's not easy and I'm more than human and like anyone mess up on a daily basis, ask Lady C - However, I'm willing to have a go and I'm always open to opportunity and I don't like to fail in what I've started.

Now, if you've just plucked up the courage to get started on something, you'll know exactly what I mean and now you've got going you are already one day nearer your goal - My advice is not to let anyone especially yourself talk you out of it :-)

Rory Coleman - 936 Marathons - 235 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.

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