Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Design for Life - Manic Street Preachers

Lyric:- 'As we are told that this is the end' - Wire

Song Choice - Well, I keep bumping into James Dean Bradfield at Cafe Castan in Pontcanna, and this track was one of my favourites way back in 1996 (yes, April 1996 in fact) just around the time of my marathon peak and my 3.24.21 pb.

It's the 'Design for Life' lyric of course that resonates with me and if life only came with your own bespoke handbook or blueprint to follow, maybe we'd make a better fist of building it. You see the thing is, I reckon a lot of the time, we follow lots of other people's ideas and instructions instead of our own.

I'd love to know, for instance, whom the 'They' are that people always seem to refer to, you know the 'They say it's going to rain' or the people whom come across as experts on subjects so people then say 'I've read that'...

Make up your own mind and what you read on websites, by so called experts, take with a pinch of salt as there's no such thing as FREE advice as there's no guarantee from those that are dishing it out.

I wonder what the Manic's really meant with their lyrics...oh yes I get the Gaudi quote on the album cover and yes he (that's Gaudi) certainly rewrote the rule book on design and architecture - so I'm going to take that on board. Not too difficult for me as I really don't like following the rules but no so easy for those that do.

What I'd say is 'Don't believe a word anyone says, especially if you are told that this is the end' - just go with your heart, f*ck what people anyone thinks and find the beginning of whatever it is that you want to do.

As everyone will point out to you where it will all end...

More tomorrow...

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