Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Ship to Wreck - Florence and the Machine

Lyric:- 'Did I drink too much? Am I losing touch? Did I build a ship to wreck?' - Welch & Hull

Song Choice:- Well I'm not the biggest Flo'Machine addict but this might just entice me into a longer look into their back catalogue to see what I've been missing (sounds a bit like The Pretenders, if you remember them.) But then life's like that a lot of the time and it's amazing that we can find enjoyment in something that we might have previously found totally terrible. Don't worry UB40 and Denys Midnight Runners are two artists you'll never find me blogging over...well this week anyway but then again, well whom am I to say never.

I DO however just love the above lyric as I believe we all lose it during our lifetime's a bit, by building something marvellous and them monumentally f*cking it up. Yep, we are all 'Wreckers' in one way or another.

Just how many of your own ships have you ever wrecked?

If it's less than an average sized Navy, I'd be very surprised. Mine would include most of the world's aircraft carriers at least but then again, at least I'll own up to scuttling my fleet in times of self-desperation.

There is an upside though, as the best bit is we don't have to wait for anyone except ourselves to rebuild our ships and set sail again in deeper oceans, hopefully a bit wiser so we can voyage towards fresh horizons. 

My Horizons are set and I sailed 26.2 miles around the dunes at Merthyr Mawr today in my ship...Where did you sail to today?

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