Sunday, 13 March 2016

Back in NYC - Genesis

'Right, hands up for Red Club Vests'...
Lyric:- 'Is that what you heard?' - Gabriel

Song Choice - Well it's from the best concept album ever and it has the brilliant line above in its lyrics which always makes my eyebrows raise when I hear it. Nothing worse than the line 'I've heard that...'

It should be 'Is that why you HERD' really. You see as humans we have this terrible herding instinct. The one where you are the only car in the car park and some booze parks an inch away...I always say something!

Anyway, it's that herding instinct I believe that leads us to joining Clubs. This theory is  been underlined by 100 Marathon Club. A Club designed for the joy of running 100  marathons, only they fall out a lot so much so their Committee imploded over the weekend, 21 years on, just what is a marathon? Anyway,  I also saw one of the worst organised running races ever with like minded 'Club Vested' Runners just following the leader off on the wrong course. Even the back-marker marshal followed the last lady in front off of her until I shepherded them back to the race route proper on the Red Dragon (Billed as being well-organised) 10km. What a shambles for all 'Club' minded folk...

It all made me wonder why do we need 'Clubs'? - I'm a member of two and never go to either, I would never wear the vest or want to. Clubs must be a primeval tribal thing where people need a leader and need to be identified to be part if a group so they can participate, collect or get recognition. Maybe that's why the dreaded 'Ironman' just doesn't float my wetsuit!

Don't get me wrong, if it's your thing - well there's worse stuff you can do. But don't just herd...

Have you ever noticed the Runner/Ironman/MdS Costume - all that gear. You don't need any really - Now, I was accused of being behind the times recently by a newly 100 MC Member. Hmm, I believe I'm 20 years ahead of him myself as I make my living running my marathons and have achieve more than most from my running experiences - not just paying to run round lakes and along coastal paths in laps like the herd, paying money to clock the numbers up, with like-minded folk that can't agree just to run 26.2 miles and simply love the experience of freedom and satisfaction it brings.

I learned that many, many years ago and running is all about YOU, no-one else and you don't need a Club Vest or Institution to make you feel like you belong - you just belong and enjoy your very own Solo Club as then you can always have the casting vote.

The Power is With-IN and you are better With-OUT.

Rory Coleman - 
969 Marathons - 240 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8103 Days' Alcohol Free.

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