Monday, 14 March 2016

Voyageur (Club Remix) - Enigma

Je t'attends, je t'attends, viens voyageur (Come with me, come with me, traveller) - Cretu

I listened to this track on my way to my first #Average2Awesome day of coaching with a new intake of this year's Dixons Carphone Staff training for the Brilliant 100km Race to the Stones in July.

The idea of Voyaging in this track only added to my feeling tonight back in Cardiff, that this group, like ALL previous Average2Awesome Groups are going on a magical roundabout trip of emotions with people whom though they don't know very well or even at all yet. It's a great thing to be part of and witness.

The wonderful thing is that in just a few short weeks they will all be lifelong friends.

The Magic of the Average2Awesome Programme will not only help deliver them to the finish line of the Race to the Stones, it will also enrich their lives and lead them onto greater life achievements and a longer, happier and healthier lifestyle.

It was bloody brilliant...Ok you had to be there to see how already these guys pushed themselves this morning but as ever, I have high hopes, so please watch this space.

Are you average or AWESOME?

More tomorrow...

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