Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tighten Up - Electronic

Lyric:- 'I used to run away but I can't no more, 'cause I feel that I can beat it' - Marr & Sumner

Song Choice:- I bought this when it cam out in 1991 yet only recently listened to it again. It was actually a really good pairing of music and lyrics and it’s a shame I’d lost it. See for yourself here.

Anyway, on the eve of me recounting my story to the fdu Group at their Breakfast Event tomorrow morning in London, the above line seemed most apt for my blog. Also on my part and for some of my clients, running away is always feels  a much better option that just tightening up feeling that you can beat it. Whatever your 'IT' may be.

Maybe you are in the running away stage yourself right now and need to expose the GIANT ELEPHANT in the room that everyone in your situation can see but no-one dares to mention.

It's change, confrontation and fear of failure that underlies most stalemate situations, you know the ones where endless procrastination literally leads to a lifetime of mediocrity and misery.

Not overcoming those fears, makes any day-to-day living an extremely negative experience and actually inflates that elephant just that little bit more, increasing the pressure, meaning eventually, there's no room left to live in. Until then it’s head in sand time…I know, I’ve done it.

We are a funny old breed...If only we had a more courageous approach to problems, we'd save ourselves a huge amount of stress and heartache. What’s to lose as everyone can see your Elephant...

How big's your Elephant getting?

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