Saturday, 5 March 2016

One Vision - Queen

Lyric:- 'I had a dream when I was young, a dream of sweet illusion' - Roger Taylor

Song Choice:- Just to prove there are other GREAT Roger Taylor songs I thought I'd choose this one next. I can remember it shaking the walls of my first house on my Philips CD player. Wow that was power back in '86 but hey, it still shakes today and makes a wonderful backdrop to today's blog.

You see I love the 'One Vision, One Hope' bit etc. but actually whom has just one of their own or even shares one of them with anyone else?

Even right at the top I'm sure Boris and Cameron share a vision...Yep, their own! Thinly disguised as a vision for the UK which will then deliver them, not the 62 million other people in what they believe will pinpoint their place in British Politics. And if you know me well, you'll know neither are part of my 'One Vision', but then again no-one is as its my perspective on my world that counts to me in the cold light of day.

It's kinda sad ain't it that I'm so selfish, but then again so are you. Everyone has a what's in it for me in them and it's tragic that we seldom like-minded find people to share our friendships with let alone our lives with.

I reckon Roger Taylor should have written about having a Bigger Vision that folk could share, he tries to in this song but it doesn't really work. It actually needs a sort of 3D two pairs looking together 4K version where things are clear to at least two people in the room about where the fuck they are going and what they should be looking out for along the way to their joint objective.

As they say 'Two pairs of eyes are better than one' and that's two different pairs not just a 'Double Vision' version solo version.

Do you need to go to Specsavers and get another prescription? I reckon I do a lot of the time...

More later...

Rory Coleman
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