Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Price of Love - Bryan Ferry

Lyric:- 'A debt you pay in tears and pain' - Everly & Everly

Song Choice:- Well I wanted a song with a money, cost or price in the lyrics and this oldie popped up - I'm glad it did as I'd forgotten just how good it was, but then it did chart in 1976. When a single cost a mere 49p, nigh on 10/- in old money.

That '10 Bob Note' got me thinking...

And that's the theme of my blog today as I remember being given such a 10/- note for my 7th or 8th Birthday just before they weren't legal tender any more, thinking it was a HUGE amount of money. My 11 year old daughter celebrated her birthday this week and her birthday card 10/- was now a big red £50 note! That's over £1 a year inflation...I wonder what else has escalated at that kind of doubt someone will tell me.

Anyway, hopefully her sentiment will match mine in that she will save it and save it for a considered purchase just as I did all those years ago. It did make me think about how I value things though.

You see it's really easy just to undervalue money, people and life itself. I coach folk about all of those values and try to get folk to treasure every 10/- they are dealt in life.

Look after them, like I try to, as you never know when you'll need to spend them on something you really want.

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