Thursday, 10 March 2016

Don't Leave Home - Dido

Lyric:- 'Everything is clear and everything is new' - Armstrong

Song Choice:- Whatever happened to Dido? - Although I bet she's not too bothered as the royalties must still be rolling in from her fantastic, Greatest Hits Album. Shame as it would be great to hear some more songs like the above and here it is, if you'd forgotten just how good it actually was.

Anyway, Dido's message of not leaving home always sounded like a bit of a warning to me.

You see staying at home is actually quite dangerous as over 6,000 people accidentally died at home last  year as a result of an accident or of their own mis-adventure, that's over 16 people a day! 11 more a day than died as a result of a Road Traffic Accident - which is  2.9:100,000 if you are interested.

Interesting or just bloody frightening? The stats say that it's safer to run a marathon as your chances of kicking the bucket are 0.8:100,000 and hopefully having run 968 of them I've acquired a lot of 'Living Air-Miles' during them and I'm looking forward to cashing them in over the next 150 years or so as there's a whole new world out there for me to discover and re-discover many times over still.

So my advice is don't listen to Dido's lyrics, apart from the your 'best friend is out there waiting to be discovered', where I promise 'Everything will become clear and everything will renew'.

More tomorrow...Gosh, I'm getting deep on these blogs!!!

Rory Coleman,
968 Marathons, 240 Ultras, 9 Guinness World Records, 12 Marathon des Sables
8100 Days' Dry.

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