Friday, 4 March 2016

Radio Ga Ga - Queen

Lyric:- 'So don't become some background noise' - Roger Taylor

Song Choice:- I ran with my good friend Mark Wynn today and thoroughly enjoyed our journey around Cardiff which included a trip to Whitmore Beach in Barbados. As usual our chatter turned to our loves of music and the subject of Queen.

The theme of our running day quickly became 'What's your favourite Queen track?'...bearing in mind that Mark had already given me a fantastic book titled '1001 songs you must hear before you die', on his arrival. (The Book's awesome by the way).

Anyway, not wishing to make a point his 'Brighton Rock' didn't make it and neither did my 'Hammer to Fall' but in hindsight I think 'Radio Ga Ga' (which did make the book) would  have been a much better choice. Especially looking back at some of the live cuts of them playing at Wembley in July 1986.

In our desperation to get some agreement, we turned to asking everyone we met what their choice would be. Amazingly Bohemian Rhapsody, the obvious choice, only cropped up once and it was the quieter later Freddie songs that had touched folk the most in our very random 'Queen Straw Poll'. Even the dreary Bowie, Under Pressure was mentioned...Yikes.

Now I'm sure you will have your own choice and you'll know immediately which track from their discography means the most to you in your own world. 

The thing is choice is a wonderful thing, debate a matter of opinion and friendship far greater than being 'some background noise' that only Roger Taylor could turn into my new favourite Queen track ever as my Hammer HAS Fallen today.

Diolch Mark...

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