Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Supremacy - Muse

Lyric:- 'Wake to see, Your true emancipation is a fantasy'...

Song Choice:- Taken from the latest Bond picture Spectre which probably encompasses the whole White Western Supremacy thing, that some extremist folk around the globe want to protest against, highlighted with today's catastrophic results.

It's difficult to know what to write or what to say about the bombings this morning or of any acts of terrorism for that matter. It's difficult as it doesn't affect my world, or hasn't yet, and it's not my fight and yet someone this morning is prepared to blow themselves and lots of innocent people up, going about their busy lives, into the next world.

My word the world has gone mad...wtf is going on?

Is there really that much evil in the world? I'd really like to think not. I'd really like to think there's good in everyone. I'd really like to think that a stranger would help me in the street if I was in need, just like I'd help them - as I have, lots of times, whilst other folk have just walked by.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not all goody goody, I don't want to be everyone's friend - I just want to be left to get on with things in my world knowing that it's a safe place to play as right now - it doesn't feel like it.

I'm not sure if the Supremacy that folk seem to want or hate is worth the cost of so many lives, when our world is such a wonderful place to live in.

More tomorrow...

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