Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Trick of the Tail - Genesis

Lyric:- 'There, beyond the bounds of you weak imagination' - Banks

Song Choice:- The penultimate track of 'A Trick of the Tail' brings us another Banks penned track of the same title. By 1976, it's plain to see whom was the major influence within the band, and why perhaps Gabriel and Hackett left. It's a great track still the same and has some pretty whacky old lyrics and a shocking video if you take a look here  - a miniature Collins with furry UGG boots and a pipe wasn't a great look.

Anyway, I like the sense of journey within the song - always have.

Then again, we all love a bit of an adventure don't we? I know I do and I've certainly traveled the wide open road for tens of thousands of miles in my time. Enough to circumnavigate the world with miles to spare but unlike the 'Beast' in the song, my journey is fact light years from where it originally started all those years ago.

I mean, we all have to start somewhere - from our own 'Point Zero' but it's amazing how many folk set off on a new life challenge, with great intent, only to end up 'Back at Square One'. If you are a 'Footie Fan' you'll get that one...

The 'A' to 'B' journey is a far better option in my book. Feeling like you've actually been somewhere and found that 'Golden Spired City of Gold' is a very satisfying feeling - I know - It just takes a huge amount of energy and concentration to fulfil one's own promise.

And actually deliver...

Perhaps that lack of journey completion comes down to the self-imposed boundaries of our flawed imaginations. It's far too easy to dismiss adventure outside of our day-to-day existence with a 'No' or 'Never'. Why 'opt out' when there is a simple 'A to B' tick box that's plain to see.

A lot of the time we spend so long reading life's small print, so long in fact that there's no time left for the adventure itself and let's face it, life comes with it's own open ticket to all 'First Class Destinations' all for free...

You don't have to buy the ticket... You've already got one!

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