Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ease the Pressure - The Beloved

Lyrics:- 'If you talk to me, then I will tell you something, like how it ought to be' - Marsh & Marsh

Song Choice:- This is a great song from way back in 1996 and it's one that I use a lot in my training and racing. Great lyrics, great driving beat and a great way of passing 4:35 minutes of any long run if you ask me.


Just uttering the word seems to increase any 'Pressure' that you might feeling, right now, and it's close friend 'Stress' both have a lot to answer for in my opinion, especially in our modern day live's where there's little time for considered thought and even less time for thoughtful actions.

Pressure and Stress are emotions I don't believe I suffer from too much, but it's 'Pressure' that I'm really interested in exploring for today's blog, especially when it's 'Peer Pressure' and in my case is something that's been affecting my world from someone else's thoughts that have been 'projected' onto them.

I won't go into detail but being whom I am I suppose and having some strong opinion on things based on extensive research and experience, I do get the odd bit of trolling from a minority amongst the masses. I've just got used to it over the years and if you stand out from the crowd, folk are bound to take a few pot-shots aren't they?

Anyway, I had a lovely email from one of the '2016 MdS Runners' saying that they 'wish that they would have spoken up more against the bullies' last year. 

'How lovely...

It was actually, and I'm sure we've all been guilty at one time or another of 'going with the flow' or 'siding with the bigger children in the playground', rather than standing out and risking the focus of the ridicule being shone in our direction instead. 

Let's face it - who wants to be associated with the guy that's getting all the flack?

Well I don't mind one bit, as I know my own thoughts and can make my own decisions without 'Peer Pressure' affecting my opinion.

Ask yourself - Who's driving you today? - I'm firmly behind my own steering wheel, are YOU?

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