Saturday, 18 March 2017

Mad Man Moon - Genesis

The Good Old Days...
Lyrics:- 'If this desert's all there'll ever be, then tell me what becomes of me' - Banks

Song Choice:- As our 'A Trick of the Tail' journey continues, we hit my least favourite track on the record, Mad Man Moon. Or at least it was until today... Written by keyboard genius Tony Banks, it's always sounded such a let down following on from Squonk. Back in the day, as the last track on side one of the album, it was far too easy to flip the LP it and play a much more upbeat Side Two.

Anyway, I listened to it again with a fresh heart and it's actually a brilliant song. In super hi-quality sound without the vinyl wow and flutter and scratches of a 70's hi-fi - The piano and Collins vocals sound so pure. Amazing the things you missed back then eh?

The album was released before the long hot summer of 1976 yet, I remember the snowflakes falling in June 1975, that ruined Cricket matches all over the UK being played followed by a searing hot summer similar to that of '76.

Back then you didn't have to go on a 'Sahara Desert Adventure' to experience unbearable heat, a drought that could kill and pray for thunderclouds and rain - as the rivers really dry up that year.

It was an amazing phenomenon to live through and those long hot summers certainly brought their own adventures.

Adventures long gone and forty years on, I'm still wandering around in the sand, still searching beyond the final crest - for the that Mad Man Moon.

Maybe another long hot summer would do us good.

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