Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Enter Coleman
Lyrics:- 'Exit light, enter night' - Hetfield, Ulrich & Hammett

Song Choice:- I wonder just how many times Metallica have ever played 'Enter Sandman' live? It must thousands (one of which I saw in 1992) and I bet I've listened to it just as many times as they've performed it. The track stats are amazing - It's sold over 1 million copies and their 1991 Metallica Album on which it features has sold over 30 million copies... That makes it a highly significant track in the history of modern Rock Music in the 20th Century I reckon and it's a track I never get tired of, especially when I'm running out in the 'Sands the Sahara'.

No fear, it's already loaded on my iPod and ready for action at next weekend's 32nd Marathon des Sables as it's become an integral part of the race for me, far more than the 'Highway to Hell' that's played every day. I mean, how can something you love so much be classed as hell - it's more like 'Highway to Heaven' in my opinion, or certainly to a higher place anyway.

The lyrics speak about going 'Off to Never Never Land' so the sandman can come so we can sleep in safety. However, they go on to warn us that the beasts aren't in our closet, under our beds but in our heads...

How true is that?

I know I'll think long and hard about that line a week next Sunday when I enter the sand on another 'MdS Dream' rather than an 'MdS Nightmare'... Right now, I feel strong and I don't need my imagination to start running wild... Only my legs!

More tomorrow... Sleep Well my Friends...

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