Thursday, 16 March 2017

Entangled - Genesis

Classic Genesis...

Lyrics:- 'Sometimes entangled in your own dreams' - Banks, Hackett & Rutherford

Song Choice:- Well it's time to explore the full 6.28 minutes of 'Entangled', track two of 'A Trick of the Tail', Genesis' 1976 album that reached #3 in the UK Charts and the one I've chosen to use as blog themes for the next week or so. Phil Collins was just 24 when this was recorded, he already seemed old at the time (maybe it was because I was just 13) but like so many recording artists and bands of the time, Genesis probably did all their best work in their mid to late 20's – unlike other Rock-stars that clocked out in their prime by joining the 27 Club by mistake. You see, creativity seems to leave folk in their thirties as by then it’s all been used up and I have it on good authority that by the time we are 33 we've cemented our tastes and choices for life.

The song featured in the film ‘Genesis in Concert’ which accompanied the dreadful ‘White Rock’ Winter Olympics film with a 'Rick Wakeman' soundtrack, which I went to see at the Stratford-upon-Avon Picture House – those were the days eh? See here what you missed way back then… I saw it twice too (not the White Rock one though.

Stratford-upon-Avon Cinema - Rocking - Pic David Mills
Anyway, my thought today is about how ‘Entangled’ we get in our own ‘Life Spaghetti’ as we get older? Isn’t it amazing how we manage to make such a mess of our own creation. It’s not surprising though as stuff changes – ‘The Picture House’ has long gone and so has the Supermarket that replaced it – Everything changes, but very slowly. Slower than a slow thing on a slow day when things are particularly slow. Yes that slow… yet before you know it – you’re ‘Entangled in your own Dreams’ or in some cases ‘your own Nightmares’…

How 'Entangled' are you?

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