Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Domino - Genesis

The Saintly Collins...
Lyrics:- ‘In Silence and Darkness’ - Banks, Collins & Rutherford

Song Choice:- If Peter Gabriel hadn’t left Genesis in 1975, I’d like to think that the band would have still gone on to write ‘Domino’. Every time I hear it, I always think that it should follow on from ‘The Cage’ on ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ and for me it’s probably the pick of all their ‘Post Gabriel’ material. The 10:45 minute track has so many highlights, so many layers and musical passages and was amazing live at Knebworth in 1992 - it’s Phil Collins at his performing best in my opinion.

And that’s why I love it - as there’s nothing better, than people giving it 100%.

It echoes my recent thoughts of ‘Go Hard or Go Home’, especially when I’m thrashing myself around Cardiff’s 5km ParkRun, - I mean, if you don’t give it everything, why even bother turning up? Why bother to take all the effort to go somewhere to deliver a sub-standard performance? In performing to over 100,000 people that night in ‘92 - Collins probably didn’t need any motivation to deliver, and it certainly takes balls to go out there and captivate so many people that know your music note perfect. Singing in front of so many people would be a frightening thought for all of us - except of course if you are at the top of your game.  Not so, if you don’t believe in yourself of course - as there’s lots of stage-fright stories… Bush and Fry come to mind!

Anyway, back in the real world, I wonder why it’s so easy to put in some out-of-tune, sub-standard performances ourselves and why we expect '100% Trip Advisor Satisfaction' from everybody else. I love a good moan don’t you as poor quality and off-hand service drives me potty - I bet it drives you potty too, it’s a national pastime. It’s a shame as no-one sets out to do a poor job, we just get distracted and in our heart-of-hearts we know when we are not delivering…

I'll keep that in mind as I’m in Dublin today, speaking to an audience at Microsoft to talk about ‘Going that Extra Mile’ and of course my soapbox favourite ‘Being Elite’. I’m sure they are already ‘Elite’ (otherwise they wouldn’t be there would employed there) but I’ll do my best to reaffirm the fact, and give my own ‘Collins Domino Performance'. 

Otherwise why did I bother to getting up at 4am, flying to Dublin and expend all that effort for anything less than my 100% peak performance.

What are you going to do today, and will you be giving it everything you’ve got?

It might not be Knebworth, but it is to me...‘Hello Dublin!’

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