Saturday, 11 March 2017

News of the World - The Jam

Lyrics:- 'The truth is in what you see, not what you read. Little men tapping things out, points of view' - Foxton

Song Choice:- It's rare for me to pick a Jam song as they weren't really my cup of tea way back then. The 3rd March 1978, if you want to be precise and only got to #27 in the charts and didn't appear on a studio album either according to Wiki (if you believe that).

What is hard to believe is that this track's 39 years old and wrongly, I thought it's vitriolic tone and lyrics were of typical 'Weller' styling but it was actually written by Bass player Bruce Foxton, only shows just how wrong you can be eh?

But then we do get our wires crossed and after yesterday's anti-inspirational 'We are Architects of our own Failure', my message today is about creating our own 'Front Page News' rather than reading other people's.

Ignoring the 'News of the World, Freddie are my Hamster' styled headlines - I checked out three headlines on MSN Today and Trump's sacked 46 of Obamas attorneys, a woman has been jailed for 17 years for getting one of her sons to try and kill the other one and the 'Jack the Ripper' case has probably been solved - hardly news as it's 129 year old chip papers that one.

I'm not sure how any of today's 'News of the World' will affect me. Trump's planet and mine are worlds apart, the lady is locked up and 'Jack the Ripper' has been dead since 1942. Yet why are we susceptible to devouring and storing this useless information. The 1942 bit has already been stored!

So here's a thought for you today...

What does your headline read - 'Voyeur's 90 minutes of young men playing on grass' says 'We were robbed' or will it say something about YOU? And what you've done today in your world.

Mine will say 'Cardiff Man takes it easy before 105.4 laps of Leckwith Stadium' because today is a bit of a non-news day. Don't worry, there's a bumper Sunday Edition due out tomorrow - what does your front page say about you?

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