Friday, 17 March 2017

Squonk - Genesis

Squonk - Colin Elgie
Lyrics:- 'You never had the things you thought you should have had' - Banks & Rutherford

Song Choice:- A real deal breaker for Phil Collins as a vocalist this one and after being encouraged to take on the lead vocal role for 'Squonk' he eventually went on sing lead vocals on all the tracks of the 1976 Genesis Album, 'A Trick of the Tail' - The rest of course is history. Have a trip back yourself here it's just as I remember them.

Luckily for me, I saw them play 'Squonk' at Knebworth in June '78 and again at the Birmingham Odeon in April '80. It was a real show and album favourite of mine as the lyrics paint such a vivid picture of a trapped mythical animal that when captured disappears in a pool of it's own tears.

Whacky stuff eh? And great in the day...

Ok, the song is dated, but then again, the lyrics still feel relevant today. I mean how many times have you been in a situation where you think you have something's nailed only for it to disappear right in front of your eyes. Sometimes things that you think are long gone appear gain, plain to see right in front of your eyes. It happens to me all the time, it happened to me yesterday and I'm not surprised as I'm someone that pushes the boundaries in what can be a very 'cruel world'.

For those that 'never had the things you thought you should have had', well there's a case here for saying that you could still have what you've always wanted, all you need is to go out and get it.

Is there something that you are trying to capture and maybe frightened to do so? Or re-capture like me, like possibly your Youth!

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