Friday, 10 March 2017

Design for Life - Manic Street Preachers

Lyrics:- 'What price now for a shallow piece of dignity' - Bradfield, Moore & Wire

Song Choice:- This song is 21 year's old, believe it or not, and was the first to be written and released following the mysterious disappearance of figurehead Richey Edwards the previous year. The track struck a chord with me aback in 1996, and still does. It's the one that comes to mind as I often bump into lead singer James Dean Bradfield in Pontcanna, as he lives locally to me here in Cardiff.

You see, the track has a great title and brilliant hook in 'A Design of Life'... It's a phrase I've often considered and really mulled over many, many times. For me, it conjures a mental picture of having your life being printed out clearly in front of you, with all the highs and lows, there to be seen. Everything is visualised and everything is planned. 

Wow, what a thought and I wonder how many people would follow theirs if they had one?

I thought about the track again this morning when I was writing to one of my clients. I messaged him, 'We are the Architects of our own Failure'. Ok, it was harsh but then actually it isn't - it's a totally spot on comment. I mean given enough latitude and lack of concentration and commitment, we f@ck up our lives good and proper without even trying sometimes. 

Well let's be honest, we all do don't we.

Now this isn't like some Sunday Morning Sermon Blog, where it's all about asking for forgiveness for being a weak old sinner (no wonder no one wants to go to Church much anymore) - this is about searching for a positive solution and framework that can be used to erode the negativity that we sub-consciously let into our lives. There's nothing worse than having all your good work being demolished through a moment of weakness of one's own design.

Everyone can be their own better Architect...

No doubt the track will raise its head again as I circumnavigate the 400m track at Leckwith Stadium in Cardiff 105.4 times for the marathon there on Sunday as I will no doubt be thinking wtf am I doing this for - but then again, I've got no-one to blame as it's all part of my own blueprint that I'm following.

How's your 'Design' looking?

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