Thursday, 9 March 2017

Adventure of a Lifetime - Coldplay

Lyrics:- 'Turn your magic on, everything you want's a dream away, we are legends, every day' - Martin, Berryman, Buckland, Eriksen, Hermansen & Champion

Song Choice:- I know I've had 'Adventure of a Lifetime' before for one of my blog titles but it's one of Coldplay's finest IMO as I've always found the lyrics very inspiring and it's even more pertinent as the song reflects my day. just perfectly

You see I had to get medically signed off to compete in this year's Marathon des Sables by my GP. He was great BTW but the form is a right faff if I'm being honest, but it's part of the race to have a signed off ECG and Medical Certificate, as the MdS is run under French Athletic Rules. It's an indemnity nightmare for the Doctor and up to a 30 day retrospective view of one's current state of health - The beauty is that if something horrible happens, well you were ok prior to the MdS so that's a good enough snapshot of whether you are going to be a medical nightmare in the sand. Hopefully that won't be me this year...

Luckily, apart from the obvious recent GBS nightmare, I was passed out 'fit and healthy' to compete next month which is a relief - 'Adventure of a Lifetime' sums it up quite nicely and as the lyrics say, 'I feel my heart beating, Like I'm alive again'...

That's what the race does to you, and maybe that's why I keep going back. Who'd have thought that last year! 

It feel like I've turned the 'Magic on'.

More tomorrow...

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