Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Never Enough - Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones - Awesome
Lyrics:- 'Don't you know happy is never enough, looking for big answers getting nowhere' - Edwards

Song Choice:- Taken from Jesus Jones first album 'Liquidizer' this 2.41 minute track is pretty  rough to say the least, but is a great prelude to their later material which I was lucky enough to experience at Wembley's 'SummerXS' in 1991. Download some of their back-catalogue and you'll understand where I'm coming from and enjoy the music and lyrics of Mine Edwards - Genius.

In my first blog for a week, 'Never Enough' highlights my thoughts perfectly over this last week in 'Coleman-World' as I've spent a huge amount of time and energy helping a number of new clients see the world in a whole new perspective and some existing ones change theirs too.

I think a lot about folks personal circumstances, goals and aspirations, it's my job, and I see some real trends in their personalities, successes and their failures. At one end of the spectrum I have the 'Over-performers' that are trying to achieve their own level of 'Personal Greatness' but don't realise that they are already actually... erm Great. It always amazes me how folk can't see the truth looking back at them in the mirror. I spend a lot of time damping down their burning desire to train even harder and go for even bigger goals before the ones they have in hand.

At the other end of the spectrum are the 'Under-performers' whom through their own  personal mis-management and oversight have got into a spot where they need some outside help to get them back on track.

The interesting thing is for both groups, it's 'Never Enough'. 

Everyone at the start of this year's Marathon des Sables will say they haven't done 'Enough' training and that they could have done more. I get that but I'm realistic in my own thinking that personally I've done as much as I can with what I've got and that I'm lucky to even get to the start line, let alone cover the 156 miles. However,  I found it amusing that when I posted my race-number on FB, some people were amazed I was going back this year - what else would you expect of me and of course I'm going - as I'm a person that goes the 'Extra Mile' - I always have been and I always will be - that's me. Why should a life de-bilatating syndrome stop me from enjoying myself?

It's getting the 'Under-performers' to go that extra 1760 yards, that's the hard bit. A lot of the time results are slow (not if you are Dan) and I feel just as mean to them as I do to the 'Overs' but it works... it works really well, every single bloody time, given time. It's such a shame that life, bad management, procrastination has got in the way of their aspirations and happiness in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, I don't live in a state of Utopia and I'm just as guilty as the next person of all the above traits, it's just that I know when to go the 'Extra Mile' and then  a 'Further Mile' and when not to. That's what 55 years' has taught me... and it's been a tough lesson.

If you want something 'Enough' be it Work, Home or Leisure - Get a clear idea of how to achieve it or give me a call and I'll help you see the world in a whole new light, where you can be 'Happy' with whom you really are - as I believe thats all that anyone really wants.

Are you 'Happy Enough' or will it 'Never be Enough'?

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