Monday, 20 March 2017

Ripples - Genesis

Lyrics:- 'Ripples never come back' - Banks & Rutherford

Song Choice:- We are now three-quarters of the way through my 'A Trick of the Tail' set of blogs and 'Ripples' represents one of the most iconic tracks of 'Post Gabriel Genesis' in my opinion and a real stand tack out from the 1976 film 'Genesis in Concert'. Take a look here and see what I mean. 

The whole track is amazingly multi-layered and Steve Hackett's guitar solo is probably one of his finest and for the aficionado he used a little gizmo called an 'E-bow' - a battery-powered device vibrating the string without any actual physical contact. Who'd have thought eh?...

Anyway, forget it's the multi-layered, fantastically produced 8:03 minutes of pure brilliance for a minute, and concentrate on the lyrics - as it's the 'Ripples never come back' line that I've always loved about this track.

You see, all of us, emit 'Ripples'. No not those ripples! Thoughts, actions and blogs in my case! Each one of us transmits thousands of messages about ourselves every day, written, spoken and lots unspoken that reflect how we see ourselves and others in this crazy old world we live in.

Get tuned into the right frequency and it's amazing how much receive on a very simple crystal set without trying too hard. Folk give off SO many messages without ever saying a word. It's something I've really concentrated over the last few years and it has certainly helped with my job in getting to the root of my client’s issues and how to overcome some of the negativity that they can find themselves amidst - and then avoid it.

To them I say follow the lyrics of the song and 'Sail away' as 'Ripples never come back' - Well only in exceptional circumstances. And that's only if you let them...

What messages are you saying, not saying today?...How are your 'Ripples'

More tomorrow.

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