Sunday, 27 January 2013

Beautiful Giants - Timewave (Deep Fog Remix)

After a day off to let my sore Sartorius' to recover, (yes all that treadmill running takes it's toll you know), I went back to basics and smashed a lap of the Sand Dunes in Merthyr Mawr with Jenny and Rocky. I worked really hard to keep up with both of them if I'm being honest but all my recent hard training is starting to pay off and I ran this loop a couple of minutes faster than the previous times which as I remember left me totally destroyed.

I can't stress enough just how much the training in Sand really helps ones training and the people who are coming to my Dunes and Mountain Training Camp on March 2nd and 3rd will get a real insight into what's in store in Morocco. I was only managing 10.30min miles on the sand!

However it's given me loads of confidence and it's far better than a three mile out and back to The Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay that I can do in my sleep at 9 minute miles.

Maybe it's Time to Step Up for those needing to get a Step On...

Today's Route and Stats are Here

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