Saturday, 26 January 2013

Gravitation - A-Mase

After yesterday's 5th treadmill session of the week, it's been a day of rest in sunny Cardiff for me today. It will give my nipples the chance to grow a new layer of surface skin that has slowly been ground off them during the five hours I been bashing my body in the sweaty gym environment. But it's been worth it...

The results of my running have seen me lift my distance covered by 1.33 miles in an hour and my dismal 9.25 minute mile pace is a far more credible 7.47 minute mile pace at the end of this experiment. I have already blogged before that people, including me do all their training runs at 9 minute miles!

Maybe you've been watching my results and might well want to emulate the sessions to see what happens to your running. I feel faster do you?

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