Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dreamer - Supertramp

I'm tapering down to the weekend's Double 33 mile ULTRA at The Pilgrims Challenge on the North Downs. For me tapering is a series on Easy Runs of either 5 or 3 miles leading up to race. I do this to keep my legs turning over but also to just do enough to satisfy my need to run and not damage the event performance I'm about to undertake.

I really want to do well at the weekend as I've put a lot of training in recently and I want to see just how much I have improved of late.

As ever this race is going to knock a two-week whole into my training for MdS. You see there's a concept that a couple of 20 mile training runs at marathon pace would be more beneficial but racing is just too much fun. It's always a tough call and having run so many ULTRAs its too simple to take them easy and not get the best training effect from them.

I'm hoping that I can stand a couple of 33s and keep on training without much recovery... as it's good practise leading upto Morocco. Well there's always hope eh?

More tomorrow...

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