Wednesday, 23 January 2013

One Direction - Moments

There are times when this running lark just feels simply perfect. My legs move easily, my breathing is wonderfully easy and it's totally pain - IT'S JUST AMAZING.

This happened during my previous day's Power Hour just for a brief time at that dreaded 33-35 minute stage of the run.

Today's episode was even better and really for most of the hour I felt very relaxed and happy to be running in a kind of peace and trance of an inner world of a bubble in a very busy and hot gym environment.

It would be easy to say that it's a euphoric state caused by an increased level of Serotonin agitation we call Runner's High but it does feel that I am getting fitter.

Running lots of marathons has recently increased my body fat I've found and has wastesd my muscle mass...this training is reversing that process and providing good therapy along the way.

Do you get the same feelings when you run... am I barking mad?

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