Friday, 18 January 2013

Cold - The Pines

If like me in Caerdydd you are snowed in, you are enjoying a welcome break from training and enjoying some warm food to keep the cold at bay. Staple diet for the past two days at Pembroke Road has been a hearty stew. This becomes a Stroganoff, Bourguigon and Curry as the days proceed but it's full of meaty goodness and vegetables most of which I don't like but can take after they've been stewed to death.

Sometimes it's great to have some proper home cooking and I think we forget that in the cold we need good warm grub to keep our body temperature up and keep one feeling fit and healthy.

Tomorrow's going to be interesting as I take on 26.2 miles with yet another MdS#13 Wannabe and it will be my third long run in 8 days snow willing...

Famous last words eh? Anyway I'm off to drain my rice and serve up my Caerdydd cooked Indian Supper!

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  1. Glad to hear that you are eating you veg Rory. A good source of carbohydrate and antioxidants.