Thursday, 24 January 2013

Goodbye Hooray - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I discovered this track 45 minutes into my 4th treadmill session of my Treadmill Week. Good job too as I was blowing quite hard towards the end of this battering. I must say that I am finding the whole experience very challenging and most rewarding.

During the day, I'm actually psyching myself up to go and beat the previous days distance and it's really speeding me up... it's also making me very light as I'm 79.6kgs today - the first time in nearly three years I've been under the 80kgs mark.

I'm going to have another bash tomorrow and I'll keep you posted. It might be well worth a try to do an hour a day on the Treadmill to see if it improves your running as much as it's improving mine. I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts and results.

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  1. despite all the critics of treadies i find it helps me focus on targets. Armed with my footpod and garmin i can improve cadence and see how speed affects it and recently i have noticed after i have done a big hill and back on the flat again i need to concentrate more as my cadence doesnt seem to recover to my norm of 88 - 92. Plus living in the fens where i would have to travel miles to the nearest hill the treadie is a godsend for hill repeats. i have mates out there at the minute trying to run on ice but in my opinion they arent getting a lot of improvements. glad theres other serious runners out there that embrace the treadie, and dont just use it for world records ;)